Boomer “Day Hike”

With his experience Dr. Beck understands the needs of the Boomer generation to stay active and inspired while effectively managing positive aging.

Purpose :

Fun - What would not be fun with fresh air, exercise and beautiful scenery?
Learning - The day hike provides a great opportunity to learn about nature, weather, conservation and survival.
Experience - Meeting challenges and making decisions in an outdoor environment with friends and coworkers.

During this hike individuals will :

Experience the beauty of nature.

Dr. Beck will help you to observe plants, animals and terrain that most people overlook. Directly experiencing nature enables us to develop a greater sense of the wonder around us.

Learn about the outdoors

Dr. Beck is a committed outdoor enthusiast. Dr. Beck has knowledge of wilderness medicine, survival and living. He will gladly share this
knowledge with Day Hike participants.

Experience a challenge

Physical challenges and decision making bring individuals together with a common purpose. These challenges can be tailored to fit the specific needs and capabilities of the group.

Dr. Beck is focused on bringing the wonders, joy and excitement of the outdoor world to the adventurer in us all. As a boomer, you may have slowed a bit, and you may have changed some of your expectations, but with Dr. Beck’s advice and guidance, you can reclaim your attachment to outdoor adventure and fun from both an older and a wiser perspective.

Dr. Beck’s programs and tours place an emphasis on the wants and needs of aging baby boomers. Through this emphasis individuals both like- minded and like-bodied team together to maximize their experience.

Whether you are trying to expand your own personal outdoor horizons or create support groups of like-minded outdoors-people, Dr. Beck can meet your needs. Dr. Beck’s fun outdoor adventure programs can provide a rewarding experience individuals and a fun and exciting team-building or problem-solving experience for individuals, groups and organizations.

Boomer “Day” Hike

The day hike is designed to take individuals with little or no outdoor experience, as well as those whose trail experience just needs some dusting off, into the outdoors in a controlled setting. Day Hikes are best delivered in an open outdoor environment, but can be conducted in a large indoor area, a city or corporate park, or just about any open space. Although the program can vary, the day hike will typically include basic wilderness navigation, survival essentials, proper clothing and gear, nutrition and basic first aid.

The focus is on fun, but a simple “walk in the woods” can also be a powerful learning experience. The decision making, problem solving and team dynamics of the day hike can be paired seamlessly with personal or group development goals.

Dr. Beck has spent decades of hiking, climbing, paddling and gliding through, over and above some of the most spectacular regions of his home state of Alabama, the nation and the world. Through these decades, Dr. Beck has developed his passion for the outdoors. Now, he shares his passion, knowledge and unique perspectives with individuals and groups interested in expanding their own horizons in the outdoors and simply having fun.

Contact me to learn more about creating your own hiking experience.